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Sometimes, you just want to have fun.  Why not learn some awesome soccer juggling
which will help your game?

The more awesome soccer juggling you develop, the better your touch on the ball will be.  
You will be able to feel the ball through your shoe, and will not have to look down at the ball
as much.  Small and large muscles will develop, enabling your balance to improve.  Better
balance, will enable better shots and passes on the soccer field.  You will be amazed as
these awesome soccer juggling become second nature, and begin coming out in your

Benefits of Juggling:

Gain more confidence on the ball while increasing overall skill.
Soccer juggling is the best exercise to develop touch with the soccer ball.  When juggling,
learning to control the body is very important. Being able to make quick, bodily adjustments
with all muscles is developed through juggling.  Better balance will enable a soccer player
to move to the right, while maintaining balance to shoot the ball to the left, etc.  With good
juggling skills, players will make better passes, beat defenders more easily, and be able to
hold the ball against defensive pressure, because of better touch on the ball.
awesome soccer juggling video