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The following are soccer drills that help soccer players develop good shooting skills.  Team
competitiveness inspired by these
shooting drills will make players work harder to improve.
shooting soccer drills
Shooting Soccer Drills: Go For Goal
Soccer players form two lines on each side of the coach who is standing about twenty yards from the goal.  
The coach kicks the ball toward the goal (about half the distance) while each player takes a turn (alternating
from each line) racing to the ball and shooting.  This drill may be played with or without a goalie, and is
designed to teach a good first touch on the ball and proper soccer shooting technique.  Sometimes,
coaches may elect to have a player from each line compete against one another to win the ball and shoot.

Shooting Soccer Drills: Hit the Cone
Set up cones in a line four feet apart and line up two players facing one another on each opposing side of
each cone.   So for each cone, there should be two players facing each other with the cone in between
them 20-25 yards away.  Players take turns shooting at the cone in between them.  If the cone is missed,
their partner should try and trap the ball and take his or her shot at the cone.  Have players do this shooting
drill in one minute intervals to see who can knock down the most cones in that time period.

Shooting Soccer Drills: Pass & Shoot
Set up two cones as a goal or use a regular soccer goal and have players form two equal lines about thirty
yards in front of the goal.  Choose a goalkeeper to defend the goal.  Have one line of players take turns
passing the ball out in front of the goal (about half way), while a player from the second line runs out, traps
the ball and shoots.  After each pair goes, they then return to the back of the opposite line.  The goalie rolls
the ball back to the passing line.  You can use more than one ball to keep the lines flowing.

Shooting Soccer Drills: Shoot Against The Goalie
In this shooting drill, teams of two have a ball and four cones.  The cones are to be set up ten yards apart
as a goal at each end of the drill area.  Each player takes turns being the goalie and shooting.  Players may
shoot a stationary ball, or work on dribbling up and shooting.  Also, the goalie can roll the ball to the shooter
to practice one-touch shots.

Shooting Soccer Drills: Quick Shot
In this shooting drill, have several teams of three soccer players take turns playing goalie, offense and
defense.  A goal is made up of simply two cones with the goalie in front, a defender in front of the goalie and
the offensive player trying to score.  Players take turns shooting and defending the goal.  If the goalie stops
the shot, he simply rolls it out to the offensive player and play resumes again.  Switch the players often.

Shooting Soccer Drills: Pass & Shoot
Mark out a 30 yard x 30 yard square with cones and goals (or two cones) ate each end.   Two equal teams
compete in trying to complete four passes before being allowed to shoot at their opponent’s goal.  If they
lose possession, the passing count begins again.

Shooting Soccer Drills: Cones & Shoot
Two lines of players take turns dribbling the soccer ball through two thirty-yard lines of cones, and then
shooting at the goal at the end.  Players try and dribble quickly through the cones and score before the next
player begins dribbling through the cones.

Shooting Soccer Drills: Cone Kick Down
This soccer drill is played just like a soccer game, but instead of shooting at goals the soccer players on
each team shoot at five cones set up in place of the goals at each goal line.  Played with no goalies, the first
team to knock down all five cones wins the game.
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